Key Definitions

There are some key definitions that are important to understanding the Act.

  • Consumer:
    • any natural person
    • any juristic person which has assets and an annual turnover of less than R2m
    • also includes someone who uses the goods or services.
      The bank customer’s wife is protected as a consumer even though she has no bank account of her own.
  • Direct Marketingis approaching a person
    • with an offer to supply goods or services, or
    •  to ask for a donation,
    • using any means of contact including
      • telephone calls,
      • mail,
      • email,
      • text messages, and
      • approaches in person.
  • Goods:
    • anything marketed for human consumption including tangible objects, information, software, music, gas, water, electricity or even an entitlement to land
  • Services include
    • any work or undertaking performed for the direct or indirect benefit of another
    • education, banking, accommodation, entertainment or even the access to a premises or facility.
  • Transaction:
    • the supply or potential supply of any goods or services to a consumer.